Medical Pricing Impacts MSA Values

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance plays an integral part in America's economy by allowing employers, either privately or through their workers’ compensation insurers, to cover the medical costs stemming from on-the-job injuries. As a corporate expense, the funds used to pay those premiums and fees are taken off the top of corporate revenues, so keeping them as low as possible is essential to ensure that the company remains economically viable.

Additionally, the value of those fees is a critical component of Medicare Set Aside accounts (MSAs), which are used to cover injury-related expenses after the injured worker has left the job. Employers who are responsible for generating and funding those MSAs should be fully aware of the costs for professional medical services in their community to ensure the value of the MSA covers the actual future costs of needed medical services.

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  • Cost Changes & the WCRI Report
  • Determining Medical Services Prices
  • How Prices Compare Across the Country
  • How Changing Prices Impact Employers, Too
  • What the Numbers Might Mean
  • Review

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