CompEx MSA Awarded Minority-Owned Certification

Last month, CompEx MSA National Division LLC (CompEx MSA) received notice that the State of Florida has certified it as a Minority-Owned Florida Certified Business Enterprise. The certification secures our position as a valued vendor of Medicare Set-Aside services within the state and the country and celebrates the fact that our Hispanic American heritage expands the State's rich history and culture.


Florida enjoys a reputation for being pro-business and its recognition of Woman-, Veteran-, and Minority-owned businesses underscores its commitment to the work of all its diverse populations. By encouraging and actively supporting businesses owned and operated by women, veterans, and citizens of minority heritage, the state provides a healthy and robust economy for all its citizens.


As a certified Florida Certified Business Enterprise, CompExMSA is now eligible to work directly with state government procurement professionals to ensure they and their people receive the best possible services if the need for a Medicare Set-Aside agreement arises. The Minority-owned designation opens doors to new business and economic opportunities that promise growth for our company, our community and the State of Florida. We appreciate the leadership and support provided by the state of Florida as it works to improve economic opportunities for all Floridians, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or other distinguishing factor. We look forward to many years of growing the State's economy by providing exceptional MSA plan establishment and management services, employment opportunities and the chance to share our Hispanic culture with our Floridian friends and neighbors.


We at CompEx MSA are proud to offer our Medicare Set-Aside services to people all over the country while enjoying the great benefits of living in and working with the great state of Florida.