Florida-based CompEx MSA has over 15 years of medical cost project experience, which gives their professionals critical insights into the processes of evaluating the future costs of care when significant injuries are sustained.

Accurate Estimates

Estimating future costs of health care services is often the most complex aspect of any injury case, whether the injury happened on the job, in a no-fault situation, or as a result of negligence. And, because every injury is unique and every injured person is different, our case management staff are trained to pay close attention to detail regarding the injury itself, the medical providers involved, the characteristics of the injured individual, and the fluctuations in costs that occur in health care markets.

Effective Strategies

By employing exhaustive investigations and utilize cutting-edge predictive analytics to clarify the Claimant’s health condition, state-specific treatment recommendations, medical services and prescription drug pricing guidelines, and other clinical inputs, CompEx MSA staff can determine the most effective strategy to establish appropriate future care reserves and optimize settlement opportunities.