Mid-Summer Summary and a Quick Look Forward

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It's mid-summer, and many of our readers are off on well-deserved vacations. For those who are still in the office (and are as fascinated as we are by all things ‘workers’ comp'), we are taking this opportunity to offer some updates to one of the major subjects we've been following and to provide a heads [...]

Dr. Criminal: Arrests Made for ‘Pushing’ Opioids

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The true cost to the nation's employers of America's opioid crisis is almost inestimable. From lost wages to lost productivity to the thousands of unnecessary deaths caused by the over-prescription of opioids and their subsequent addictions, the value of the losses suffered by individuals, families, communities, and businesses is beyond calculation. Gaining control over the [...]

Are Employers Lagging on Their Opioid Response?

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Despite the strong connection between workplace injuries and opioid addiction, a majority of the Nation's employers do not feel they are fully capable of dealing with the concern, says the National Safety Council (NSC). Data reveals that many employers remain hesitant to take the steps necessary to prevent or control the risks posed by a [...]

Hidden in Plain Sight: America’s ‘Benzo’ Problem

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Hidden behind America's disturbing opioid addiction and premature death rates is a related and equally troubling reality: the contribution to the crisis played by benzodiazepines in those numbers. When used appropriately, 'benzos' are perfectly good medications for the maladies they were designed to address. When used inappropriately and in conjunction with opioids, however, the drugs [...]

Can Cannabis Overthrow Opioids?

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America's opioid epidemic continues to run rampant through communities across the country. As a primary medicine for pain relief, opioid medications have been the first medication choice for thousands of doctors and patients for over 20 years. However, too many of those Oxycontin™, Vicodin™, and Percocet™prescriptions have triggered addictions, which in turn drive subsequent heroin [...]

The Opioid Crisis: What Employers Can Do

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Recently released Opioid Epidemic statistics from 2017 reveal that the country continues to convulse in the throes of this public health crisis. New laws aimed at addressing the issue are coming out of both state and federal sources, and even the tech industry is focusing more attention on using digital devices to prevent or reduce [...]

Governments and Opioids

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Across the country, governments of all types are looking at how the opioid crisis is affecting their regions and communities. Both the federal Administration and Congress have issued new rules at the national level that reflect their cognizance of the concern and its causes. States, too, are addressing how their systems manage the crisis, including [...]

Opioids and America’s Workers’ Compensation System

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As more entities study the impact of America's opioid crisis, reports are emerging that reveal a tragic tale unfolding for not just the addicts, but also the communities in which they live. The cost of the epidemic is born across several segments of society, and, because those segments also impact non-opioid affected people, essentially, everyone [...]

America’s Opioid Epidemic: How it Impacts Work Comp

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CompEx MSA is proud to provide this primer series on America's opioid epidemic to help its colleagues and fellow community members be more aware of the problem and mindful of what they can do to avoid contributing to it in the future.   Part One: What it is and how it got started The 'opioid [...]

Evolving CMS Controls on Opioid Prescriptions

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Despite notable guidance available in other arenas, more than two thirds (69.4%) of California's submitted WCMSA proposals include extended funding for opioid medications. The statistic is startling considering that Medicare itself does not recommend using opioids for long-term use or chronic pain. The National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals (NAMSAP) and the National Council of [...]