The New Business “Best Practice:”

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Last month, we discussed how the lack of CMS guidance in liability cases leaves Medicare and Medicare-eligible people ('Beneficiaries') in the dark about paying for injuries and illnesses they've developed due to exposure to the coronavirus. Many companies count on those populations to make their living. Potential coronavirus exposures that occur in their place of business are [...]

COVID-19 and the Evolving Landscape of WC Litigation

By |2020-06-01T14:26:36-04:00June 1st, 2020|CMS, Employers, MSA|

For America’s employers, the COVID situation is creating havoc. Those who have shuttered their businesses for the duration of the crisis may not be able to open again once it subsides. Those who are open, however, especially those that offer essential services like grocery stores, are finding themselves facing workers’ compensation (WC) concerns that are [...]

The Effect of COVID-19 on WC and MSAs

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Even before the COVID-19 virus situation was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), world events indicated that a future recession was possible. Now that we are living amidst the full force of the COVID-19 effect, it seems like a recession is inevitable. Further, the high numbers of newly unemployed workers and [...]

More Than One Pot – Who Pays for Injured Workers?

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Last month's post discussed the history of how and why the 'workers’ compensation' (WC) industry evolved out of medieval 'employment' practices: Employers often demanded that their employees put in long hours under harsh conditions to justify paying them a minimal wage. Workers were subjected to challenging conditions in unsafe factories that exposed them to innumerable [...]

Mid-Summer Summary and a Quick Look Forward

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It's mid-summer, and many of our readers are off on well-deserved vacations. For those who are still in the office (and are as fascinated as we are by all things ‘workers’ comp'), we are taking this opportunity to offer some updates to one of the major subjects we've been following and to provide a heads [...]

Medical Pricing Impacts Premiums, MSA Values

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance plays an integral part in America's economy by allowing employers, either privately or through their workers’ compensation insurers, to cover the medical costs stemming from on-the-job injuries. As a corporate expense, the funds used to pay those premiums and fees are taken off the top of corporate revenues, so keeping them as [...]

Dr. Criminal: Arrests Made for ‘Pushing’ Opioids

By |2019-06-03T17:30:05-04:00June 3rd, 2019|Employers, Government, MSA, Opioids|

The true cost to the nation's employers of America's opioid crisis is almost inestimable. From lost wages to lost productivity to the thousands of unnecessary deaths caused by the over-prescription of opioids and their subsequent addictions, the value of the losses suffered by individuals, families, communities, and businesses is beyond calculation. Gaining control over the [...]

Are Employers Lagging on Their Opioid Response?

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Despite the strong connection between workplace injuries and opioid addiction, a majority of the Nation's employers do not feel they are fully capable of dealing with the concern, says the National Safety Council (NSC). Data reveals that many employers remain hesitant to take the steps necessary to prevent or control the risks posed by a [...]

Hidden in Plain Sight: America’s ‘Benzo’ Problem

By |2019-03-04T09:39:53-05:00March 4th, 2019|Employers, Government, Opioids|

Hidden behind America's disturbing opioid addiction and premature death rates is a related and equally troubling reality: the contribution to the crisis played by benzodiazepines in those numbers. When used appropriately, 'benzos' are perfectly good medications for the maladies they were designed to address. When used inappropriately and in conjunction with opioids, however, the drugs [...]

Are Non-Reporting Penalties on the Horizon? 

By |2019-01-02T12:54:32-05:00January 2nd, 2019|CMS, Employers, Government, MSA|

The Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) law requires that "Responsible Reporting Entities" (RREs) notify the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) when a Medicare beneficiary (or soon-to-be beneficiary) is injured. Failure by an RRE to notify CMS of such an injured person may result in significant “civil monetary penalties” (CMPs), according to federal law. CMS [...]